Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner

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Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner

High Quality Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner Cassette Type NBN Op

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Application range:

This product can be used for any optical fiber interface of the instrument and equipment, such as

1, optical transmission equipment, including

(1) SDH/SONET optical transmission equipment

(2) PDH transmission equipment

(3) wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) equipment

(4) cable optical transmission equipment

(5) other digital multiplexing and transmission equipment

2, frame relay switch

3, ATM switch

4, routing equipment

5, program control user exchange / digital program exchange system

6, multimedia terminal

7, FC data system

8, Gigabit Ethernet

9, FDDI data system

10, ADSL system

11, optical switch

Technical performance:

1, cleaning times: 500 times

2, cleaning effect: -20 to dB -50 (return loss)

3, using temperature: -10 to +50 degree

4, storage temperature: -30 to +70 degree

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