Joint Tester Kit

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Joint Tester Kit

Joint Tester Kit with Domes Incude male coupler fitted & Hand Held Pump

Dome/joint Tester Kit includes 

1. Manifold/Gauge Assembly 

2. Hand Held Pump

3. Domes with Male Coupler Fitted




1. Remove the existing dome from the closure.

2. Clean O-ring and any residue from the seal area.

3. Fit Dome Tester on the closure , Fit Clamp & Insert Pin

4. Fit manifold/gauge assembly to the male coupler on the dome

5. Insert the hand pump into the manifold/gauge assembly

6. Pump air with hand pump (max 2 PSI) into the Dome tester.(The pressure relief valve will release the pressure at 5 PSI automatically)

7. Check for leaks at base of joint and around clamp using leak detection fluid.

8. Maintain air pressure at 2 PSI for duration of test.(Air may leak through dry cable and the gauge may drop. This does not include a leak in the closure at the base cable entry point).

9. Pull ring on the safety valve to release air from the dome before opening clamp.

10. Repair any leak by adding more sealent.

11. Re-Test with Dome tester with repair

12. Fit appropriate size silica gel in the closure.

13. Thoroughly clean seal surfaces O-ring & Dome seal surfaces.Do not score with knife or abrade the seal surfaces.

14. Refit the original joint Dome and place in the pit.

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